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DeBeer Refinish: Experience the DeBeer Difference

Over the last 100 years we’ve learned that exceptional refinishing is all about the detail. We take the time to understand the intricacies of your business, and offer solutions that are specific to your particular requirements. Our commitment to your success extends to every aspect of our service and support from innovative thinking to industry-leading technology.

Heritage you can trust

DeBeer started as a family run business over 100 years ago and the core values of quality, efficiency and partnership still remain at the heart of our business today; demonstrated through our commitment to match our solution to your unique needs. We launched our bespoke vehicle refinish paints in 1951, building on a heritage of providing for our customers’ individual business model. DeBeer products are sold and supported by over 120 specialist distributors and partners all over the world.

Collaborative partnerships

Through our global network of specialist refinish distributors we support your body shop with advice and solutions to keep your business moving forward. If you’re a large account we’ll even provide a dedicated account manager to meet and anticipate all your needs. We delight in sharing our knowledge by providing onsite tailored training for your specific requirements. What’s more, we have an advanced online training system, which can be accessed 24/7 by body shops around the globe.

Color precision

Getting the precise color match as quickly and easily as possible is vital. Our focus on refinishing has helped us pioneer some of the most advanced solutions for color analysis and OEM mixing data. Our Spectrophotometer, for instance, provides fast, accurate analysis of any coated surface.Innovation in every aspectDeBeer technologists work tirelessly to create smart systems that simplify and accelerate refinish workflow. These not only maximize your throughput, they also achieve the best possible OEM-quality finish and enhance your profitability. From state-of-the-art R&D laboratories all over the world, to digital tools and training online, we offer everything you need to succeed.

Your Partner in Performance

Close partnerships are the key to exceptional quality vehicle refinishing. That’s why, since 1910, DeBeer Refinishes has always paid special attention to the individual needs of our customers and partners. This heritage of support has enabled us to continuously generate solutions that work for everyone. Over the years, businesses like yours have depended on us, and our global distributor network, to meet ever-more demanding quality expectations – simply, quickly and profitably. We work side-by-side with you, offering services that help you minimize your environmental impact, operate more efficiently, improve workplace safety, meet local compliance obligations and reduce costly waste. We relish this responsibility and have built our reputation on delivering a personalized and unique service in all these areas. Our innovation team will work with you to help your business make the most of new market opportunities by providing simpler and more effective solutions. You can rest assured that our world-class expertise, color-matching capability and unsurpassed heritage in the field will make all the difference – no matter how unusual a color or finish you’re looking for.

Quality as a basis

Consistent quality of both products and working methods, combined with a responsible approach towards the environment, is guaranteed through the use of an integral “Health, Environment, Quality and Safety” system.  This system is based on ISO 9001 (working processes) and ISO 14001 (environment) and is controlled and certificated by TüV Nederland. From these certifications, awarded in 1996 and 1999, it is clear that our objectives include controlling and guaranteeing the highest quality standards on the one hand, and minimal environmental pollution on the other.

DeBeer Refinish products

DeBeer Refinish can supply high-quality color mixing systems, ranging from VOC-compliant water-based and high solid systems to conventional basecoat and 2K acrylate systems. By a careful choice of pigments, we are able to achieve optimum color fidelity with fewer mixing colors than comparable systems on the market. The number of accessory products, such as hardeners, thinners, primers, fillers and clear coats can thus be kept to a minimum. Our aim is to supply a compact yet complete package, so customers can reduce their stock levels.

DeBeer Refinish products