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Imperium is a premium alternative to competitive paint systems providing a small footprint of product lowering SKU count and making material management more profitable. Within the Imperium portfolio of products you will find all the ancillary products needed to get the jobs done while making inventory management easy and lowering your overall cost. Imperium offers state of the art spectrophotometer color matching tools and software as well as a database of over 35,000 color formulations. Available in both Solventborne for national rule or Waterborne for VOC restricted areas Imperium is the right choice for productivity, and profitability.

Basecoat Solventborne

Uniform color with strong hiding power.

Basecoat Solventborne provides a compact toner assortment offering easy access to an extensive color database of over 35,000 color formulas. Designed for National Rule markets, the system utilizes easy application and mixing, consistent spray-ability, and precise color match.

Basecoat Solventborne provides quick drying, strong hiding power as well as a smooth, uniform finish. Useful for small repairs or total re-sprays, Basecoat Solventborne helps ensure a great final appearance — all at a reasonable cost. Now that’s value.

  • Solid, metallic and pearl colors available.
  • Compact color system helps control inventory levels.
  • Multiple reducer options provide versatility for spray environments and repair sizes.
  • Strong hiding power helps you use less material, savingtime and money.

Basecoat Waterborne

Duplicates OEM solid, metallic and pearl color effects for seamless collision repairs. Eco-friendly delivering quick color match.

Basecoat Waterborne is an eco-friendly color system delivering quick color match and easy use. Utilizing water-based technology, it provides great coverage, even spray-ability and metallic control, all in one low VOC basecoat system. For edge-to-edge applications and total resprays, it’s easy to achieve a glossy and durable surface—especially when used with IMPERIUM clearcoats. Basecoat Waterborne offers a vast range of standard and variant colors, supported by intuitive color tools to help you achieve any tint desired. With easy blending and even color orientation, Basecoat Waterborne helps you achieve a desirable finish that satisfies.

  • Nice and quick coverage helps make repairs easy and fast.
  • Less hazardous for the environment.
  • Extensive range of solids, metallic and pearl color effects.
  • Comprehensive color database for quick reference and color match.

2K Euro Express Clear

Rapid Repair and Premium Gloss

2K Euro Express Clear is a super durable, fast-dry clearcoat offering a premium gloss and rapid repair. Designed for spot, panel and multi-panel applications, 2K Euro Express contains high-performing properties – including speed, fine distinction of image (DOI) and superior spray-ability. This premium European clear helps achieve an ideal lasting overall appearance.

  • 2:1 mix ratio
  • Rapid repair and great DOI
  • User friendly and easy to spray
  • Ideal for total resprays or edge-to-edge repairs

2K Euro Performance Clear

Premium Gloss and Performance

2K Euro Performance Clear is an easy-to-use high gloss clear suitable for a wide range of environments and repair types. Designed for total resprays or edge-to-edge applications, as well as ambient cure or bake conditions, 2K Euro Performance Clear offers superior spray-ability, easy application and remarkable performance. This premium European clear provides a wonderful distinction of image (DOI) on any refinish, to help achieve an excellent overall performance.

  • 2:1 mix ratio
  • Air dry or bake
  • High gloss and outstanding DOI
  • User friendly and easy to spray
  • Ideal for overall resprays or spot and panel repairs

2K High Build Primer Surfacer

High Build and Fast Dry

2K High Build Primer Surfacer is is a quick-filling polyurethane primer surfacer that offers good adhesion, easy topcoat coverage and a fast dry time with great sanding properties.

  • 4:1 mix ratio
  • Fast drying
  • Fills quickly
  • Easy to sand

2K Performance Clear

High Gloss and Durability

2K Performance Clear combines a high gloss appearance with great durability and gloss retention all in one easy-to-spray clearcoat. 2K Performance Clear can be used for any size spot, panel, or multipanel job as well as overall re-sprays.

  • 4:1 mix ratio
  • 2 coat application
  • High gloss and durability
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