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Get the word out about your business

As the collision repair marketplace grows tighter, we know how important it is to market your business to stay ahead of the competition. We offer a variety of support services to help you reach five important segments: insurance agents, insurance claims, fleets, dealerships without collision centers, and consumers.

Take a look at the services we offer and see how we can help you build stronger relationships with all of your customers.

Marketing communications tools

C & D Auto Paint understands the value of a powerful sales and marketing program, and we can help you a develop marketing communications program. Along with AkzoNobel, we’ve partnered with a graphics design firm and developed tools that you can customize to meet your needs by completing a simple questionnaire.

Build better relationships with insurers

These days, there’s no way to ignore the impact that insurance companies are having on the collision repair business. That’s why C & D Auto Paint offers Continuing Education for the Insurance Industry. If your shop is interested in offering a course, you’ll be provided with materials and information that will help you host classes for this important group.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

Phoenix Solutions Group is a leader in developing solutions to enhance a client’s customer experience and market loyalty. They provide actionable knowledge of your customer’s experience in order to train, educate, and assist you in improving your shop’s market position. Founded in 1988, Phoenix Solutions uses advanced customer research to develop effective marketing solutions – with a 100% money back guarantee!

Customer satisfaction indexing

A systematic program for monitoring business performance by gaining feedback from your customers. Properly done, the results are powerful tools for the marketing and management of your business. For greatest effectiveness, CSI should be done on a consistent and ongoing basis, and administered by a third party for the highest level of credibility. We offer customer satisfaction surveys by telephone through CSi Complete and by mail through Phoenix Solutions Group.

Repair quality measurement

Delivering consistent quality is important to the reputation and success of your shop. We can help you establish a third-party verification of your repair quality and help you take the steps necessary to insure ongoing consistency. Now you can have the increased confidence in knowing your repair quality is consistent from vehicle to vehicle and use this verification to increase insurer, fleet and consumer confidence in choosing your repair facility based on quality.

Unsold estimate follow-up

Potential customers have an entire arsenal of excuses for not initially agreeing to have their vehicle repaired in your shop. This service addresses the need for repair centers to follow-up on these unsold estimates, and turn these opportunities into profitable repairs.

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