Rapid Repair expands your options

A growing segment of the collision repair industry focuses on small, minor, cosmetic damage that’s not covered by most insurance programs. As the market changes, we have to be prepared to change with it.

If our customers are changing how they pay, how can we address this change? These training courses will show you how to profit from rapid repair.

Rapid Repair Business Training

(2 education modules)

This topic is covered in detail in two separate courses:

  • Rapid Repair Marketing, Selling & Estimating: designed for estimators, this course focuses on marketing, selling and estimating techniques for increasing your sales by targeting minor vehicle damage.
  • Rapid Repair Implementation: designed for owners and managers, this course addresses additional rapid repair implementation issues not addressed in the marketing, selling & estimating module.

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Rapid Repair Estimating Tool

A user friendly, Microsoft Excel-based tool designed specifically for estimating the repair of minor damage. It is covered in detail in the marketing, selling & estimating class.

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Rapid Repair Technical Training

This technical training course, designed for Sikkens Certified Refinish Technicians, is available at any of the 8 Car Refinishes Instructional Centers (C.R.I.C.) across North America.

At the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Determine what qualifies as minor damage
  • Understand the Minor Damage Repair Process and its limitations
  • Demonstrate the ability to repair minor damage using the tools and processes learned during the training

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Rapid Repair Marketing Tools

AkzoNobel has created an assortment of marketing tools to enable a collision center to more effectively market their involvement in the Rapid Repair Program and drive more minor damage repairs to the door. They are covered in detail in the marketing, selling & estimating training class.

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